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What Does Your LGOG Chart Look Like?

What Does Your LGOG Chart Look Like?

September 10, 2022

What is an LGOG chart you might ask? LGOG is an acronym for Live-Give-Owe-Grow and is a method to examine what your current spending looks like. When we critically examine where our money can go, we will discover there are only four short term and six long-term uses.

LGOG primarily deals with the 4-short term uses of money.

Live = the money we spend on living and lifestyle expenses.

Give = the *money* we are currently giving, tithing, or spending on charity.

Owe= the amount of money we are paying in taxes (and debt, if applicable).

Grow = the amount of money we have available (margin) that we can put towards one of six long-term uses.

An example of what an LGOG chart looks like…

One of the most compelling reasons to create an LGOG chart for yourself or your family is that it is simple, informative, telling, and helpful in analyzing spending. First, to see where you are at, next, to guide any desired changes.

Another powerful reason to create an LGOG chart is to assess how well you’re spending and lifestyle choices are aligned with your values and worldview. In my experience with clients there is often unintentional misalignment, or even contrary spending, between deeply held values and current spending choices. Once awareness is created and visualized, you are much more empowered to take action that brings your spending and lifestyle choices into alignment with your values.

Your priorities will determine how you allocate your money. If you prioritize certain lifestyle desires, you will have less money for saving or giving. If you prioritize giving, you will have less money to pay down mortgage debt or to save and invest. Life continually demands that we assess our priorities and make adjustments to our spending decisions accordingly. Having clarity about your priorities and having ongoing reinforcement for the values you hold dear will allow you to make financial decisions that are in line with your priorities.

There are no truly independent financial decisions. Meaning once you put money into one wedge, you’ve also affected the level of money available to put in other wedges.

Lastly, the longer term your perspective, the better your financial decision today. Growing your money will yield rewards later in life; giving will yield rewards in eternity. So, taking the long view allows your money to be much more productive, in your own life and in the lives of others’.

Talk to us today if you would like help creating your personalized LGOG chart, analyzing your spending compared to your values, and/or developing an action plan to realize any desired changes.

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