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Wealth Management

Thank you for exploring wealth management with Gibborim Financial.

At Gibborim Financial we make five commitments to every client that engages us to assist in managing their wealth.

  • To work with our clients and any of their existing Advisors, such as tax or legal professionals, in a comprehensive manner so that investment, financial, and wealth management decisions are not made in a vacuum.
  • To use a disciplined approach in supporting investment, financial, and wealth management decisions that starts by addressing twelve core wealth management topics as applicable:
    1. Affirming or Identifying Financial  Goals and Impact Strategies
    2. Investment Management
    3. Insurance Coverage, Risk Management
    4. Banking, Asset and Liability Management
    5. Executive or Employee Stock Option or Ownership Plans
    6. Business Succession Planning
    7. Asset Protection – Legal Structures, Titling, and Control Planning
    8. Real Estate Analysis and Transfer Strategies
    9. Financial, Social, and Spiritual Legacy Planning
    10. Estate Planning Support (planning while living, incapacitated, and at death)
    11. Family Generosity Journey’s and Planned Giving
    12. Designing Strategy to Monitor and Grow Total Net Worth, Not Just Components
  • To leverage the robust and broad resources of Gibborim Financial and Cetera Advisors LLC towards helping our clients successfully execute investment, financial, and wealth management plans.
  • To deliver this service in a personalized way by creating, or being part of, a wealth management team that is accessible, proactive, and responsive.
  • To provide relevant, accurate, and timely advice that is in the best interest of our clients and designed to achieve (or make progress towards) desired outcomes.

Some of the more common questions Gibborim Financial helps high net worth or ultra-high net worth families address are:

  • Based on my family’s particular experience, capabilities, and type of wealth, what is the best overall investment structure and investment mix for us to use?
  • Should we be using active or passive investment management vehicles? What are the best investments for us? Why?
  • Are there any major gaps or key risks in our current plans that we might be overlooking?
  • Can we create stabile income while investing in key ventures with longer-term payoffs?
  • Can Gibborim Financial work well with my existing advisors? What does that process look like?
  • Where do I get the most payoff- real estate, market investments, or private business?
  • Are there any sophisticated planning strategies I am not taking advantage of that I should consider?
  • Can you create a custom service, communication, and decision support plan for my family?
  • Are we in the right mix of investments? Are the fees competitive? Should we make changes to the portfolio?
  • Is it better or more advantageous for us to use multiple financial providers instead of one provider?

Every high or ultra-high net worth family is unique with different attitudes towards the markets, family dynamics, vision for the future, perspective on eternality, wealth creation experience, and desired legacy. As a result, each strategy, set of solutions, and client-advisor dynamics, will look and feel a little (or a lot) different compared to others.


Contact us today to start a conversation, inquire of services, or to discuss a situation you think we may be able to assist with. Thank you.

Thank you!