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Operations Improvement

When it comes to improving operations within your business there are many approaches to choose from that can have a positive impact.

The baseline approach Gibborim Financial uses with most clients is Lean Six Sigma (LSS). For a quick technical definition of LSS check out the one on Investopedia HERE. The LSS toolset is comprehensive, reliable, systematic, flexible, and can be applied in total or part based on the nature of the problem trying to be solved.

What makes LSS standout from many other methodologies is its orientation to improving products, services, or experiences from an outside looking in point of view: that of the customer.

LSS Is ...

  • A framework to improve performance
  • Applies to every function and business
  • About business performance
  • Finding a better way to work

LSS is Not ...

  • A solution for everything, or every problem
  • Just about math and statistics
  • New additional work

There are various factors that comprise the LSS toolset.

Some of the more frequently used improvement methodologies include:

  • Process Management > when process performance is not understood or unknown
  • Just Do It > when the problem is identified, and solution is known
  • Kaizen > when the problem is identified, but the solution is unknown
  • Lean > when the process is inefficient and contains wasteful activities
  • DMAIC > when the existing process is not meeting customer expectations or business objectives
  • DFSS > a new product or process needs to be designed or material problems exist in current process
    • DMAIC = Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
    • DFSS = Design For Six Sigma

In many instances, a sub-tool or component of one of the methodologies above effectively addresses a problem or identifies an area to focus on. Representative examples are:

5S Audit

Process Mapping

An engagement can look very different depending on the size and scale of the business, nature of the problem, size of team, customer demand, etc., and typically range from half a day to months.

If you would like to discuss whether LSS might be able to help with a business problem or what
an engagement may look like for your situation contact us today.


If you have any questions or would like to explore potentially working together now or in the future, please contact Gibborim Financial at your convenience. Thank you.

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