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Oz Investing Services, LLC

Oz Investing Services, LLC (OIS) was formed for the purpose of helping personal and business clients make wiser investment decisions that enable them to thrive, increase total net worth, and achieve targeted outcomes according to their calling.

OIS is a comprehensive, full service, boutique, investment advising and financial consulting firm serving select family, small business, and non-profit market segments throughout the United States.

OIS is committed to the idea of providing secular technical industry experience in the investing and financial services space coupled with proven ancient wisdom and principles that are always relevant and applicable.

Our Vision

OIS is the go-to investment advisor for developing wiser investment decision-making capacity; for guidance on aligning investments with values and worldview; and for access to a comprehensive offering of investment solutions.

Our Mission

OIS has two mission objectives. Produce the maximum number of thriving client families and businesses possible with the human and capital resources available. To enable, equip, and produce financial disciple makers.

Our Strategic Priorities

  1. Every year, increase the total number of people and businesses, Christian and Non-Christian, exposed to what the Bible says about making wiser financial decisions.

  2. Increase the number of new, and increasingly thriving families and businesses year over year.

  3. Continually increase the total amount of money, financial capital, businesses, and real estate held by OIS clients that can be allocated towards Kingdom advancement, generosity plans, charitable causes, and giving efforts.

 4. Increase the number of new and increasingly effective financial disciple makers year over year.

Our Approach

Using a consultative advisory engagement model driven by client developed targeted outcomes, OIS professionals operate with a blend of three capacities – Advisor, Leader, and Coach.

Our Values

OWNERSHIP. OIS holds a worldview that recognizes that the God of the Bible created and owns everything: the earth, people, animals, the environment, all resources, and everything therein.

TRUSTEESHIP. OIS assumes every natural person is created by the God of the Bible to operate as a fiduciary and given a unique mix of life experiences, time, income, talent, treasure, gifts, heritage, and blessings to demonstrate obedience and faithfulness, and to increase adeptness.

DISCIPLESHIP. OIS believes the Bible contains ancient, tested by time, and continually relevant principles, applications, and guidance on developing wise financial decision-making capacity that are available for all people, Christians and non-Christians; and promotes all people to learn, apply, and replicate this guidance as they may be called to do so.

Is Engaging with OIS Right for You?

Nations and communities around the world are in massive transition. Environmental challenges. Armed conflict. Competition for natural resources. Global pandemics. Dehumanizing elements that do not belong in the human experience. All increasing.

People more than ever before need wise advice to create thriving families and businesses, to be healthy and develop contentment, and to successfully navigate change while positioning for the future.

OIS exists to help people learn what the Bible says about finances and how to execute a congruent financial lifestyle or set of business operations parameters that align with your values and worldview.

Align your financial decision making with your values in expressing your worldview; learn to invest with potential impact beyond your lifetime; and utilize a broad array of industry leading financial solutions, innovative ideas, and providers.

Please fully explore our website. Utilize any resources provided. Contact us if we can help.

We work with churches and ministries as well.

Investments in securities do not offer a fixed rate of return. Principal, yield and/or share price will fluctuate with changes in market conditions and, when sold or redeemed, you may receive more or less than originally invested.  No system or financial planning strategy can guarantee future results.  Therefore, no current or prospective client should assume that future performance or any specific investment, investment strategy or product will be profitable.


If you have any questions or would like to explore potentially working together now or in the future, please contact OIS at your convenience. Thank you.

Thank you!