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Comprehensive Asset Protection Plan

Why You Need a Comprehensive Asset Protection Plan

You’ve worked hard to build your assets, but has anyone ever helped you create an asset protection plan? Asset protection is the process of safeguarding your wealth. Our financial advisors specialize in creating actionable asset protection plans.

An asset protection plan includes many components, because there are a lot of creditors after your money, including the IRS. Tax planning is a necessity for wealthy individuals, but so is having the right insurance in place and utilizing the appropriate legal structures to safeguard your investments.

Why You Must Protect Your Assets

Do you ever worry about losing all of your money if someone files a lawsuit against you? If you have significant investment holdings, do you spend a lot of time wondering if you will lose it all in the next big stock market crash? We don’t think you should have to live in fear of losing your wealth. That’s why an asset protection plan is non-negotiable.

It doesn’t make sense to work hard for years, only to lose your assets because of improper planning. Your asset protection strategy should protect your wealth from legal claims, excessive taxation, and investment risks.

Financial Risks You Might Not Be Aware Of

The biggest risk to your wealth is probably the government’s power to levy taxes. While you may worry about a potential lawsuit wiping out your wealth, you probably already lose more money than you need to because of taxation. Here is a list of financial risks you may not be aware of:

  • Lawsuits
  • Income taxes
  • Estate taxes
  • Capital gains taxes
  • Long-term care expenses
  • Stock market risks

To prevent losing your wealth in a legal battle, you can purchase liability coverage. You may even add an umbrella policy for extra legal protection. For immediate and long-term savings, you must add tax planning to your asset protection plan. With income taxes, estate taxes, and capital gains taxes, you may end up paying more than you need to.

What an Asset Protection Plan Includes

A comprehensive asset protection plan includes a list of risk factors and suggestions on how to minimize or negate those risks. For example, besides carrying liability insurance, you can also make sure you don’t own any significant assets in your own name. You can keep your real estate and investment portfolios in an LLC to reduce your personal exposure. Your asset protection plan should also review your insurance policies. A long-term care insurance can protect your wealth when you need to pay for expenses health insurance doesn’t cover.



What’s the Most Important Thing I Can Do to Protect My Assets?
If you’re looking for only one thing you can do today to keep more of your assets for yourself, tax planning will probably provide the greatest financial rewards. You pay taxes every year, and the less you give to the IRS, the more you can keep for yourself. This doesn’t negate the need for other asset protection measures, but it’s a good starting point.

How Can I Protect Myself Financially from Potential Lawsuits?
You can’t stop people from suing you, but you’re in control of your personal finances. If you don’t own a lot of assets in your own name, the claimant can’t receive a sizable portion of your assets. If you use an LLC structure for holding real estate and investment portfolios, it adds a layer of liability protection, but you must work with an expert to set this up properly.

How Do I Protect Myself from Losing Money in the Stock Market?
It’s not unusual to be afraid of losing everything in the stock market, especially in these tumultuous economic times. But keeping your money in a savings account won’t even help you outpace inflation. We can provide specific advice to help you safeguard your investments. This is especially important as you get closer to retirement. Call us today to discuss your portfolio.

For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor.  Neither Cetera Advisors LLC nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

Investments in securities do not offer a fix rate of return. Principal, yield and/or share price will fluctuate with changes in market conditions and, when sold or redeemed, you may receive more or less than originally invested.  No system or financial planning strategy can guarantee future results. 

We’ll Create a Comprehensive Asset Protection Plan for You

We’ll Create a Comprehensive Asset Protection Plan for You

If you’ve never had a comprehensive asset protection plan, your wealth is probably not as well protected as it should be. We want to help you protect your assets so you can sleep well at night. Call us today to schedule an appointment with us.


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